Jan 20, 2011


Welcome to the Stoker Kitchen!

All my life, which isn't very long, I've never enjoyed cooking or baking until recently. I guess that's what happens when you get married and move out of your parents house and then you have to. I enjoy cooking and baking when I have someone that will appreciate it.

My goal with this blog is two-fold.
1) I will post recipes. New and old. Tasty and even disgusting if I come across one. Recipes from scratch and freezer dinners alike. This is just an opportunity to learn and try new things and share with you what we as a family discover in our cooking adventures.
2) I am a professional photographer. You'll see a link to my photography page on the left side. This will also give me a chance to continue to learn and enhance my skills by photographing the process of cooking or baking what I post.

I hope you enjoy and please, please feel free to comment and try the recipes and share how you feel about them.

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