Mar 26, 2011

Chicken Schnitzel...

... with Chicken Flavored Rice and Brussel Sprouts!!!

Schnitzel:(click on "schnitzel" to learn more about it)
3-4 chicken breast fillets "pounded"
salt and pepper
flour for coating
2-3 cups Panko breading medium course crumbs
2 eggs beaten well with 1 tbsp oil
oil for frying

Put flour on plate, Panko on another plate, and eggs into a bowl. Coat chicken with flour, dipped into the egg mixture, dredge through the Panko bread crumbs. Put into pre-heated frying pan with oil for cooking.

Cover plate with a few sheets of paper towels for chicken to drain and cool after cooking.

We used Honey Mustard Sauce for dipping and it tasted FABULOUS!!!

3 cups water
1/2 cups rice
3 Bullion

The bullion jar says 1 cube of bullion to 1 cup of water. Place those in the water before it starts to boil and add a few dashed of parsley to tasted. (I didn't add enough but it was a learning experience). Continue cooking as you would normal rice. (I wouldn't use one minute rice...We get Costco size bags of rice and then put them in smaller containers.)

Brussel Sprouts:
Rinse sprouts
Cut off the bottom stem
Take off the first layer or so of leaves
De-pit the stem like you would with lettuce

Most of you have your own way that you steam your veggies, but I had to share this new discovery. We use a Pampered Chef Steamer when we make peas and I didn't want to cook brussel sprouts the long way. So we decided to try them in our microwave steamer!

Discovery... ... ... ...

You're can successfully steam Brussel Sprouts in the microwave for 5-6 min. Just add enough water to almost cover!!!

The Final Product!

Now you can also make this with Angel Hair and Marinara or Spaghetti Sauce and then top with shredded Asiago Cheese and you have another fabulous dinner!

I hope you enjoy! Let us know what you think!

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