Apr 25, 2011


Now, this doesn't exactly have a recipe. I think this is the only food that I can creatively make with out having to following a recipe. That I can thank my dad for that (and my husband). My dad would look at a recipe to see what was needed and roughly how much you need of something and then just do his own thing.

Things you need:
Ripe Avocados
*They should be relatively squishy in your hand. If you want to get hard avocados, do not put them in the fridge, otherwise they won't be ripe in time. That was our mistake. I had them in the fridge for a week and they were still hard. So, either buy then squishy or buy them hard and let them sit on the counter.
Lemon Juice
Onion Powder (or real onions)
Tabasco (if you like it hot)
I have also heard of people adding tomatoes.

Cut the avocado in half length-wise and de-pit. 
Trick: Hit the pit relatively hard with with the sharp site of the blade and twist.
If ripe, pit should come out relatively easily.

Growing up, we always scooped the avocado out of the skin.
You can also use this avocado slicer/peeler. Pretty sure you could find one in a store near you.
Trick: I watched someone do this at work. Just peel the skin off kind of like an orange. 

 Then mash.
Once it's all mashed that's when you get creative and make to taste.
A few squirts of lemon juice.
A medium dash of salt
A few dashes of onion powder

This is where you could also add the tabasco, tomatoes, anything else you would like to make it spicy or more flavorful. I personally like my guacamole to be a cooling agent like sour cream is. 
Sweet yet Flavorful.

And don't forget to share your secrets!

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