Aug 11, 2011

Home-Made Raspberry Jam

My mom tried several times when I was younger to teach me how to make raspberry jam. She kept saying how easy it was but it always looked too hard. I never really had an interest in learning, or caring for that matter. As with a lot of these little stories, I didn't start caring until I got married; until I really had to learn to care in order to make it on my own. Now, it's fun!!
(I'll let you know that the time on the clocks in some of the pictures don't match the sequence because the first batch was kind of rushed because we weren't completely prepared. So ignore the time in the images.)
With that being said...

(For 1 Batch)
7 cups Sugar
1 Pectin pouch (the yellow box - Sure Jell)
5 cups mashed Raspberries
1 tsp Butter

Jars - about 7 jam size/bath or 5 pt. size/batch
Lids & Rings - to match your jars
Large Pan
Longest Spoon
Large Mouth Funnel
Small Frying Pan
Lots of Water
Dish Rag
Large Bowl
Something to Mash with
Large Measuring Cup
Custard dish (or similar)
Easily Accessible Timer
Box cut up or several layers of newspapers to place hot jars on & provide drip coverage
Hot pads or trivets
Protective Eyewear


1) If your raspberries are frozen, the easiest way to defrost them is to put them in the sink with super hot water.

Sanitize your Jars and lids (the twisty part) by either washing them by hand in hot water or run them in the dishwasher while the raspberries are defrosting.

2) Measure 7 cups of sugar in large bowl

3) Empty raspberries into a large bowl and smash them till it's pretty much juice and seeds. It's easiest to do this one or two cups at a time.

At this point you want to put water in your frying pan and the seals in the water and bring it to a boil for roughly 20 minutes, or the length it takes to make your batch of raspberries.

4) Pour mashed raspberries into measuring cup and measure out 5 cups raspberries.

5) Pour 5 cups raspberries into large pan, add 1 tsp butter, 1 packet of pectin.

6) Turn the stove on as hot as it will go and stir the butter and pectin into the raspberries.


8) Bring raspberries to a rolling boil and add 7 cups sugar, still stirring constantly.

9) Bring raspberries to rolling boil again.

10) When they start to boil, start timer for 1 minute and let cook, stirring constantly.

Take pan off heat!!!

11) Now, dredge the foam off the surface and discard into custard dish for later use.
(You can eat this, it just doesn't can well.)

12) Bring large pan over towards jars. Place on trivit or hot pad. Bring frying pan with seals over also. Place on trivit or hot pad. Place large mouth funnel in jar and ladle the jam into the jar. Ladle to just about full, about 1/4" from top.

(Wear protective eyewear. I got a splatter of jam in my eye. I'm fine and see fine but it definitely didn't feel good.)

13) After ladling the jam into the jar, carefully remove funnel, wipe edges if needed be, place seal on jar, place lid on seal/jar and close tightly. Move to the side and repeat.
(To get the seals out of the pan we just used a fork.)

As the jars cool, the lids will seal. There were some that sealed in 20 minutes, there were others that took a day or two to seal. Don't force the seal, but if you're checking, gently run your finger over the bump. It may seal when you do that. Otherwise just keep waiting. 

We made about 5-6 batches. Each one filled 4-6 jars. The sugar bag in the picture is a 10 lb. bag. We used 2 1/2 of those at the least for all the batches.
We made enough to make 3 1/2 dozen jars of Jam!!!

It's so much fun. I hope we get to pick more raspberries so that I can do it again!!!

FUN Picture...I just love the colors!!

And to prove that I made jam...

Let us know how yours turned out :)


  1. Megan,
    Make sure people realize if the lids don't pop down to seal the jar should be refrigerated to prevent spoilage.

    Good job, and good idea about the eyewear. I usually wear long sleeves as well - hot syrup on skin can raise a blister!

    Now you're ready for the long Montana winters.

  2. How long are your jars of jam good for? Keeping them in the pantry OK?