Sep 27, 2011

Hello and welcome to the new series of Tuesday Tips!!!

I've learning so much in all the blogs that I follow and wanted to make more of my blog. So, I decided that the posting format is going to change and change for the better. I know that I've been pretty sporadic at my posting but from here on out that is going to change.


Tuesday Tips
In this section, there will be a random Tip or Fact that you can use in the kitchen or around the home. It was sooooo cool to research some of this stuff. I'm so excited to start using them. The best part, is that it's not JUST kitchen stuff. There was a whole miscellaneous section!!!! So be prepared to be amazed with this weeks Tuesday Tip at the end of the post.


Wednesday Weekly Meal
Every week we cook one new meal. One that we've never tried before. It's daunting at times but once the meal is complete it ends up being super easy. We have found good ones and not so good ones. Once that we make all the time and ones that we haven't made since. But all the posts that are this blog thus far or the new meals that we have cooked. It now got a name and place to reside!! Welcome Wednesday Weekly Meals and stay tuned for the official start tomorrow with a favorite and fast breakfast!! (or snack for the husband)


Seasonal Saturdays
This is going to be great with the fall season just around the corner. I LOVE to bake, but I hate gaining all the weight.  I haven't baked much this summer because right now we live in a trailer and it just gets too hot to bake (and cook) sometimes. But now that it's starting to get cooler, it's a good excuse to warm up the house! :) I'm not exactly when this will start but stay tuned in for the official announcement.

Tuesday Tip:
I wish I had known this when I was younger and it was my turn to husk corn.
"A dampened paper towel or terry cloth brushed downward on a cob of corn will remove every strand of corn silk."
I wish I could utilize the tip, but I've developed a rather nasty intolerance to corn :(
Please tell me what you think of the tip and enjoy it as fall is around the corner and corn is plentiful!!

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