Oct 22, 2011

Apple Pie

I love apple pie and so does Marvin. My first apple pie making experience was in Thanksgiving 2009. Everyone in my family was very impressed. {again you have to remember that this was just as my phase of "not touching a kitchen" with a 10 ft pole was coming to a close.} My dad said it was right up there next to my moms' pie and that meant the world to me!!! So I'm going to post this in two installments...
Both will post today, but you know how it is... Sometimes you want just the crust or just the filling... This should make it easier to find what it is that both you and I are looking for down the road.

For the crust... 

Apple Pie Filling
6 Cups sliced Apple of Your Choice {fresh}
{8 Cups frozen apple of your choice}
1 cup sugar
2 tablespoons flour
1 teaspoon cinnamon
A Few Dashes of ME, oh wait I mean Nutmeg! :)

**I'm a little lazy and cut my fresh apples and freeze them for later pie baking. When I was a kid it always looked so difficult and time consuming because my mom would do everything all in ONE day! I know that is how most people bake their pies but it's sooooo much easier to freeze and then all you have to make is the crust!

***I also defrost my apples by placing the frozen bag in HOT water in the sink.

Drain some of the juice

Combine all ingredients and let juice

This is when I move on to making the Crisco Pie Crust

Before pouring into the pie shell, you may want to drain some of the juice. You're apples are still defrosting plus all the juicing from the sugar can create too much juice.

Pour into bottom shell

^As you can see there is still a little too much juice in there...

Top with 4 slices of butter
(^I always forget to do this so REMEMBER)

Lay the Pie Crust on top

Cut the edges

Curl Edges

Vent the top of the crust
(We usually do a special message for birthdays or holidays)

Bake at 375* for 25 minutes with the edges covered with foil or Pie Crust Shield
{This recipe is for Granny Smith Apples which are softer so depending on the crunch of the apple you may to extend your time}

Remove the foil or Pie Crust Shield then bake additional 25 minutes uncovered

And as you can see below, there was still too much juice in the apples, which if you let it drain well enough {like I didn't} you shouldn't have this problem.


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