Oct 7, 2011

Holiday Sweet Swap Features 1-63

Hello everyone Happy Friday!!!

Welcome to todays first Feature Post of the Holiday Sweet Swap

I went through the first 63 links and found a few favorites that have been pinned to my Pinterest Board "The Stoker Kitchen Sweet Swap" and I'm dying to try them. I wish I had a day off, well more then just one day or the weekend, off from work so that I can try them all!

So here are my 4 favorites from the first week of the Holiday Sweet Swap!
(Sorry about not having pictures. I couldn't figure out to load them.)
Click on the links to view these ladies AMAZING projects!!!

~Custom Coloured Candy~
From Lowri Papervine
She is from New Zealand and I learned something new! Not many people celebrate Halloween so she had to come up with her own Halloween Candy. It was very creative and I loved it.
Thanks for linking up Lowri!!

~Chicken Kisses~
From Aimee @ Shugary Sweets 
This looked absolutely amazing and mouth watering. I'm a sucker for chicken and I can hardly wait until I can make this. What a great meal for a cool evening. 
Thanks Aimee!!!

~2 Ingredient Pumpkin Muffins~
Who doesn't want to make something that is only 2 ingredients? Meg found this on Pinterest and I'm SOOOOOO glad that she linked it up to the Swap. I'm excited to try these too!!
Easy is the Best!
Thanks Meg

~Home-Made Cranberry Sauce~
This is from Jennifer @ Jane Deere 
I was absolutely impressed at this. Now I'm not a Cranberry Sauce person but plenty of people in my family are and I want to try this for Thanksgiving and see what they think.
Thank you so much for sharing this Jennifer!

Thank you everyone for linking up thus far. Continue linking and spreading the word about this party. It's a 3 month long party and this is only the first week. We're just getting started. 
Start those ovens and warm up your houses and share your creations!!!!

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