Oct 14, 2011

Holiday Sweet Swap Features 64-81

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

We didn't have as many people link up to the party so I only picked my favorite 3 and it was tough. Don't forget to pass along the information and get your friends and family to link up.

Feature #1

Kahlua Brownies
They look AMAZINGLY delicious!!!!
My mouth was watering while looking at the pictures. 

Feature #2

Milk & Cookies a New Slant on an Old Favorite
This is an amazing idea to create something new out of something old. 
Who said that you only had to up-cycle furniture?

Feature #3

Honey Butter
Babblings and more is a group of sisters who post their doings and the best part is that this recipe is from one of the sisters 7 year old sons!
I fell in love the moment I read it.

Thanks ladies for linking up. Share the word and keep linking. 
The party doesn't end until December 31!!


  1. Thanks for featuring our honey butter!
    Briana @

  2. Hi! I've given you "The Versatile Blogger" Award on my blog Babblings And More today. Please come on over and check it out!

  3. OK - your website is officially fattening.....