Nov 21, 2011

Spiritual Feasting #4

Today’s Spiritual Feasting is a personal one... And a late one and I'm sorry about that but I'm sure that you'll understand by the end of the post.

I’ve had an interesting week. I wouldn’t necessarily say that it was hard… but it was a challenge.
I have a major flaw or weakness, whatever you want to call it. I’m extremely dependent on other people. All my life, I have hated being a lone. Hated it. I shared a room for the majority of my life. I can’t remember a time that I didn’t share a room with someone until we moved when I was around 10. We moved into a house that had more bedrooms… And I got to have my own room. You're think that someone would be excited about having their own room right? I wasn't. Before we moved, when my sister would baby-sit late or stay out at sleep-overs, I would leave the hall light on and the door cracked and I would curl up in my bed and say to my self over and over again “She’ll come to bed in just a few minutes” and that’s how I would fall asleep. Then when we moved and I had my own room, when I couldn’t sleep at night, I would sneak into her room and sleep on the floor. I never slept well and was always able to sneak out before she woke up… But when she found out what I was doing, she started locking her door when she went to bed. Then I started sneaking into my brothers’ room and I tired sleeping with them for a while...  But let me tell you, that one didn’t last long at all :). Then I would sneak into my parents’ room and curl up on the floor next to the bed and sleep there. It happened a lot. But that was the only way that I could actually get a good nights sleep… Then I got older, and I wasn’t allowed to do that anymore.
(Side note: Have I ever told you that I can say all 13 Articles of Faith in under a minute correctly, clearly and with out messing up?)
Now that I was older, my parents said that it was time to stay in my own room, that if I couldn’t sleep I should read my scriptures or listen to them or study the Articles of Faith. I remember there would be nights that I would read chapter after chapter and not even get tired. It was annoying!! So then I started on the Articles of Faith. I kept a notebook by my bed and several different colored pens. I would write the Articles of Faith down word for word until it got to the point that I could do it by memory. Then when I knew them all, I would write each line in a different color. Then each word. {I’m laughing and smiling now as I’m remembering back on this.} I did that almost every night. I knew the Articles of Faith inside and out. In order and out of order. Give me a number and I would spout it off with out any hesitation.
(Another side note: As a kid for FHE we would work on the Articles of Faith. Each would do one Article or a phrase, but it was always entertaining when each person would do one word and we’d rotate around. That always brought smiles and laughter. We also had races to see who could say them the fastest… ergo the above the side note :).)
I remember I would be writing them down and when I was finally dozing off my hand would jerk and I would wake back up. At some point during the night I would eventually fall asleep. I would show my parents in the morning what I had done the night before and I remember them saying “Good job!” of “Wow!” But the kind of “wow” of astonishment and like they were showing “Holy Cow!!” instead of the good Wow. {Remember, this is still making me laugh at the memories.} Then I started doing other things to help me fall asleep. Like listening to calming music, or the faint sound of the TV from downstairs that dad had fallen asleep to. I struggled off an on with insomnia till I had mono in high school.  But anyway… long story short I struggle being alone, especially at night! Then I got married and I have slept better then I ever have!! :)
But to bring you to the point of this post… My husband was out hunting this past week. Usually if it’s a long trip {meaning a few days} and I can some time work off I’ll go down and stay with my sister-in-law while the men hunt, or if it’s a short Thursday/Friday/Saturday hunt I’ll stay at home and have my brother come stay at my house. But this time it was Saturday to Saturday. Seven whole days with possibly no to limited communication. I was a mess on Sunday. I couldn’t keep it together and I think I cried like 7 times. I’ll admit it. I’m a big baby!!
I prayed! I prayed and pleaded harder then I have in a long time to feel comfort and peace and to have courage to make it through this week regardless of whatever communication we would be able to have. That I would be able to sleep peacefully and feel His Presence near me at all times.  It truly is amazing how much the Lord loves us and that even though there are billions of us and we’re all praying all the time, he heard my prayers and pleadings and blessed me with the comfort and courage to make it through the week. 
The week did go really fast and I'm extremely grateful for that. There was one night when I didn't hear from my husband but other then that I got to talk to him at least once a day and it definitely made things easier. 
Out of all of those, I have had a reaffirmation of the power of prayer and my testimony has become strong. We can't do everything alone for those times when we struggle we have the Lord on our side to help us through.
My husband is home safe and sound and we have a buck and bull!!! Now, lets not talk about hunting for a long time :)

P.S. I spent all my time with my husband yesterday cuddling with him :)

Do any of you have husbands that hunt? What do you do to keep yourself busy while they are gone? I got crafty and made Christmas Presents!!!

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