Dec 19, 2011

Spiritual Feastin #8

I did it again!!! I’m really getting bad at this. I knew I was forgetting to do something yesterday but I just couldn’t remember what it was. And yet again, I had thought all week about what I wanted to write about and it escaped me. I promise that I will get better at this! :)
Can you believe that next Sunday is Christmas? Where did this year go? I feel like it was just yesterday Marvin and I were discussing the goals that we had for this year… I can’t believe it! But I’m so excited for the New Year and what it will bring for us.

We had the chance to go to the Temple yesterday. I love going to the temple! The first year we were married we were truly blessed and were able to go 15 times :). The second year it got a little less but we made it almost if not ever month. This year, got busier and we kind of slacked off. The last time we had gone to the Temple was for my brothers Endowment before his mission in August. Then hunting season came and when we weren’t busy with one thing Marvin was out hunting. We were really nervous about the weather and crossing passes to get to the Temple. (We live in Montana; the Temple is in Spokane Washington.) But we were safe and sound and were able to enjoy a beautiful session.
There is nothing quiet like going to the Temple.
We have to drive 3 hours to get there. It’s not bad. It could be worse… It’s hard to find a whole day some times to spending driving to and from, but when you do, it is more then worth it. I love the sense of feeling ‘at home’ when we go to the Temple. Whenever it’s time to leave Marvin will turn to me and say “Are you ready to go?” and I always look back at him and say “Am I ever ready to go?”
When we were first married and I was going to school I would get stressed out a lot. I was going to photography school at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography and that is intense schooling. You could have a 12 hour day or a 4 our day and whenever I would get stressed out Marvin would know it was time to go to the Temple. When you walk in those doors you have the opportunity to leave the outside world behind and focus on your connection with your Father in Heaven. It was always peaceful and comforting and it was always hard to hold on to that rejuvenating feeling of peace when you walked out those doors. But I would eagerly wait for the next time that we could go.
When we were there this past time, I felt like it was a perfect chance to talk with Heavenly Father about some things that I have been worried about. I know that whenever we pray and no matter where we are He does here us, but I feel like when I’m in the Temple, He’s sitting right next to me and hears me perfectly and I have his undivided attention. It was nice to be able to lay out my frustrations and concerns. I never felt anything at the moment as I was talking, but now that I look back, the worry kind of melted away and even now as I’m talking about this, I still feel peace that everything will work out okay. Marvin had done the same thing and we talked about what we had ‘figured’ out so to speak and we’ve got a plan of action! I know plans always change and that as soon as any make a plan it seems like the Lord has something else in store, but we have to remember that we can’t stop planning and progressing :).
Moral of the story, I’m soooo grateful that we were able to go to the Temple this weekend and so close to Christmas and get that spiritual nourishment. I think it will really help us stay focused on the true meaning of Christmas!!!
Enjoy your week and if I happen to forget to post again next week…
Merry Christmas!!!!

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