Jan 20, 2012

Happy Anniversary!!! :)

Holy Cow!!! 
I can't believe that I have been blogging for 1 whole year. 
It's crazy how fast time has gone.

I can even remember that very first Welcome Post and the very first Make Your Own Pizza Post and how sick I was for that one. :)

The growth has been slow but fun and it's perfect!
3240+ pages views

I've learned so much in the blogging world and wish that I had more time to participate in all the networking. It's been a fabulous experience getting know more and more people and that I'm not alone in the crazy and fun filled blogging world. 

I hope that you guys are enjoying the blog and what I've been able to share with you. If you have any suggestions about what I can do in this next year or anything like that let me know.
I love learning and sharing.

Enjoy The Stoker Kitchen!!!