Jan 15, 2012

Spiritual Feasting #11

I was on Pinterest the other day and for a moment I felt like the LDS members were taking over. It shocked me and then made me smile. I was scrolling down through all the pins and for a moment my entire screen was filled with quotes regarding the Young Womens Theme for 2012 or something for Primary Themes 2012 or just random scripture quotes. Then as I scrolled down further the world came back into view. But it was the coolest thing to see!

In the beginning when I started blogging and I had no idea about all the linking and networking that incurred. I thought that I was one of the few 'Mormon Bloggers' out there blogging with no real purpose in mind other then to share a hobby. But as I started linking and looking at other blogs I realized and learned that I wasn't alone. I felt like I was joining a new family full of bloggers who happen to be LDS. It was sooo cool! When I found another blog that had an LDS author I would tell my husband and then add them to my following list. I love being inspire by those who have the same values as I do and share their struggles and triumphs.

What I wanted to talk about today is kind of two-fold. 
1) The abundance of Young Women 2012 Theme ideas 'pinned' on Pinterest
2) Being a light on the hill and not hiding our bushels

1) I really was impressed and taken aback with all the pins I saw in regards to the Young Womens Theme this year and to tell you the truth, I'm kind of jealous that I'm not in Young Womens this year. I'm hoping that I'm not saying that too loud because I love where I'm at in Primary right now. I just love the Theme. Here are two displays of the theme that I pinned and really like.

^^This one comes from Liberty's Layouts. She is a stay at home and her blog blows me away. You have to go over there and just check everything out. I only got a quick glimpse but I plan and look at it more later.

^^ This one comes from Lil Luna. Her blog is always amazing. I can hardly wait to check out more of hers as well. I totally want to make one of these blocks too.

Below is one of my favorite songs. I just found this video on Youtube and LOVED it!!! So Perfect!!

 I love how all the images really correspond with the lyrics. I originally heard this song on the Women of Destiny CD that came out in 2001. It really helped me get through some tough times. I remember when I was going to Singles Ward back in the day I would turn this up really loud in the car on the way to church and sing my heart out. Whenever I was having a bad day this is one of the few songs I would turn to. 

I think that we should all make this our own individual theme for this year.

To Arise and Shine Forth.

2) This one will be really brief... I just want to let all of you 'Mormon Bloggers' our there know how grateful I am that you are NOT hiding your light under a bushel on a hill and that you are arising to the occasion and shining forth and sharing all over the internet about our religion. You are an inspiration to me.

Happy Sunday!!!!

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  1. Thank you so much for the feature. I feel the same way, I love finding other LDS bloggers who share their talents in blogland. I can't wait to have a look around on here.