Jan 29, 2012

Spiritual Feasting #13

Today's Spiritual Feasting is a simple yet profound message.
I LOVE the Temple.
I the the perfection, the simplicity, the beauty, the peace, comfort, warmth and tenderness that you feel when you enter those doors. It's a wonderful place to leave reality behind and focus on the here and now in the quiet sanctity of the Temple. To remember that you are a daughter (or son) of our Heavenly Father and also remember that you are a Princess (or Prince). 
In life today, so many things can get in the way to keep us from going to the Temple. Life, weather, kids, chores, grocery shopping, R&R, vacations, and other activities. I know that it's rough to get to the Temple.
I can tell when it has been waaaay too long since we've been to the Temple because I start to feel less and less confident about myself and decisions that I make. I end up craving the Temple and it's peace and comfort like someone might crave chocolate, or their favorite food. But something always gets in the way until we firmly put our foot down and make that appoint to go. 
I found the following clip online from President Monson. He talks about how no trial or daily activity should keep us away from the Temple blessings. That really there is no excuse.

When we got married we made the goal to go to the Temple every month. We exceed and then some with that goal our first year of marriage. We were truly blessed. Since then we've missed a month here or there and this year we didn't go all hunting season (from September until Thanksgiving) because Marvin didn't get this kill as fast and he has other years. As soon as we could after that and in between weather systems, we made it over to the Spokane Temple and I felt soooo good to have that chance to be spiritually rejuvenated. It's time to go again here pretty quick but we've had some strange weather come through that makes for unsafe travel.
I desperately wish that we had a Temple that was closer to us, but I fell like if we did, I might take it for granted. The Temple really is a special place and deserves a special day set aside for itself.
I hope that if you haven't gone to the Temple yet this year or in a while that you make the decision now to set aside some time to go. Take your kids with you and a babysitter if you can so that your children can understand the importance of going to the Temple and can enjoy being on Temple grounds. 
It's such a blessing that we are alive in this day and age to be able to enjoy so many Temple world wide!!!!

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