Jan 3, 2012

Tuesday Tip #15

Happy New Year!!!!
Well, with the new year here it's time revamp your food storage and what you have in your cupboards. Below is some basic Shelf Life information.

General Shelf Life

unopened: up to 12 months
opened: 6-8 months

unopened: 2 years
Sugars don't spoil but eventually may change flavor

Brown Sugar
unopened: 4 months

Confectioners Sugar
unopened: 18 months

Solid Shortening
unopened: 8 months
opened: 3 months

unopened: indefinitely
opened: 1 year

Whole Spices
2-4 years whether or not opened

Ground Spices
2-3 years whether or not opened

Paprika, Red Pepper & Chili Powder
2 years

Baking Soda
unopened: 18 months
opened: 6 months

Baking Powder
unopened: 6 months
opened: 3 months

18 months whether or not opened

Dry Pasta made with out Eggs
unopened: 2 years
opened: 1 year

Dry Egg Noodles
unopened: 2 years
opened: 1-2 months

Salad Dressing
unopened: 10-12 months
opened: 3 months if refrigerated

1 year whether or not opened

unopened: 2 years
opened: 2 weeks if refrigerated

unopened: 1 year plus
opened: 6 months if refrigerated

Peanut Butter
unopened: 6-9 months
opened: 2-3 months

What else are you doing to make this new year better?

Happy Tuesday!

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