Jan 19, 2012

Want To Make A Family Cookbook?

How many of you have wanted to make a Family Cookbook but didn't want to sit down and take the time to type out all the recipes and create a format and then have to find the right printer blah blah blah....?

Well, I'm sure you guys have seen my widget at the bottom of my blog for SocialSpark... It's a place that allows you to write reviews on things/products for revenue. Well, this one came to my attention and I would've jumped on it a long time ago but time just keep running away from me. You guys should jump over to SocialSpark and see if it's for you.

ANYWAY.... back to the Family Cookbook...

This site is amazing. My sister put together a cookbook for me for a wedding present and I loved it. It's got all the good old favorites from when we were kids and several from my brother-in-laws family and other friends. But now I want to make one with all the new recipes in it. Especially since I'm coming up on my 1 year Anniversary of my Blog!! 

{Can't believe it's been a year!!!}

Click on the Link below to head over to the Family Cookbook site and take a look around!
So easy and fun and a great way to remember the best family recipes with out having to call someone to get the ingredients.

Oh and the best part is that you can have more then one contributor too!!! 
Make it a family effort and create and save those memories and recipes.
They are priceless!!!

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