Feb 26, 2012

{Spiritual Feasting #17} Believe

On Presidents Day last week I went shopping with a friend. We started at Ross and TJ Maxx to see what we could find for cheap, but as far as clothes, we weren't very successful. However, when it came to kitchen supplies and home decor we were hitting the jack pot and there were a lot of things that I had to walk away from. It was sad... but now I know where I need to go if I want to get something a discounted price. :)
So after failing dismally in the clothes section, we headed over to the decor at Ross. We were looking at the wall decor and I found this long beautiful letting in maroon with white scroll design that said 'FAMILY'. Last year for our wards 'Super Saturday' craft day, I made blocks similar to this...

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

Except is says 'FAMILY' instead of the last name and 'is everything' instead of the established year. {Check out my Christmas Post on my photography blog to see the blocks.} So I decided that I didn't need anything 'family' realted and looked through the rest of the selection to see what else they had. As I was looking through, I found this...

Now at first I sat there staring at it weighing the options of getting it and then for some reason, that I couldn't justify, I knew I had to get it. Couldn't explain it. It's beautiful and I love it, but as we were checking out, I kind of had buyers remorse because we really can't afford extra things right now. But I thought to myself "when I get home I'll see if it fits above the window in the kitchen and if it doesn't work then I'll take it back." Well it didn't fit there. I didn't want to take it back so I turned and looked in our front room and saw that it would fit above one of those windows. So I climbed on the futon and placed it above the window and stood back to stare at it. 
It's right where I would see it every morning!!
I left it there in the package because I wasn't sure what Marvin would think about it. I don't know about you, but sometimes it takes Marvin a little bit to notice something. I didn't know how long it would take him to notice it, but as soon as he got home that was the first thing that he noticed and looked a little surprised. It's kind of hard NOT to miss. He didn't say that he didn't like it, just "huh". Not like asking a question but as in "okay". 
Now to get to the point of the post since now you know the background...

While we were shopping I checked my email on my phone and saw that I had an email from my brother who is serving a mission in Buenos Aires right now. I knew I didn't have time to read it while I was shopping so I said that I'd read it once I got home. 
I had completed forgotten about it until I asked Marvin if he got emails from his brothers. So I sat down and read his email and it made me smile and be grateful that I listened to whatever prompting I had to purchase this decor.
In his letter he talked about how once the people in Buenos Aires hear about the church and it's beliefs, its like they all come running and want to know more. He said that we have to open our mouths and teach. That all we need to do is invite and share and people will listen. He also said...

"The people of the world are ready to hear, so for those who have ears to hear, let them hear.  For those of us who have the knowledge and mouths, let us open them."

Then he simple wrote the word....

He is so right. 
On more levels then one. 

In order to spread the gospel to those who are ready to learn we have to believe that we can plant that seed. We have to believe in ourselves and we have to believe that the Gospel is real.

When I see that sign every morning... It's a great reminder to not only believe in the gospel and everything I know to be true, but it's a great reminder to believe in myself and that I'm a Daughter of God. I'm a Princess. I'm beautiful... and the list could go on.
Along with out Family Motto for this year, this is my word. 

... In Who You Are!!!!

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