Feb 7, 2012

Tuesday Tip #20

All of you who are bloggers know that blogging can be time consuming. It can be stressful trying to find the time to get all your posting done for the week and if one thing goes awry a huge mess can happen. 
I'm going to honest with you and tell you that I schedule everything but my Spiritual Feasting posts. Hence the reason why I forget to post sometimes. When I decided that I wanted our Weekly Meal to fall on Wednesday I had a hard time finding the day I wanted to cook it and have time to post and well that was all happening on Tuesday nights and it got super stressful. Now it's at the point where sometimes we'll good one or two new recipes for the week and then I schedule them out. 
In December, the week before my father-in-law passed away, we got so far ahead that we were scheduled all the way through January 11th for the Weekly Meals and through the end of January for the Tuesday Tips. And boy am I glad that we did!! That whole week left us for a loop and our schedules, not just the blog, but dinner and laundry etc were messed up and it's taken us about a week plus to get back into the swing of things. Scheduling that far in advance really saved us some stress and allowed you as readers to not miss out on a day of great tips or recipes! 
So, my tip for today, not fully kitchen related, is...

When you have the chance, schedule a few things. It never hurts to be prepared and have a few things on hand for when something goes awry. 

For those who aren't bloggers the same still applies. I plan our menu a month in advance. That may make me a bit of an over achiever but there are nights where I don't want to cook what's schedule so I don't. But then I can always default to that recipe some other time because we will already have those ingredients on hand. For instance, we don't schedule what we cook for Saturday or Sunday. Saturday is a snacky kind of day and Sunday we're usually at my parents. But I know that I have ingredients on hand for some recipes that I have planed if we want to have a real diner on Saturday or stay home on Sunday.

Also, we have told the missionaries in our area that if there is ever a night when they don't have a dinner scheduled, they can call us. We always have a freezer dinner or two on hand but having those extra ingredients can really be a life saver if you're ever put in a similar position.


Always be prepared.

What are ways that you prepare for the unexpected changes in your daily life?

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