Feb 28, 2012

Tuesday Tip #23

This Tuesday Tip is something that is more of a goal that I've been working on this year then an actual tip. I was getting frustrated when I couldn't get everything done in the day and the dishes would pile up and so would the laundry.
My goal was to do the dishes every night regardless. Even if that meant doing them during commercials of my favorite shows (Monday-Castle, Tuesday-Body of Proof, Thursday-Bones, Sunday-Once Upon A Time). 
I am happy to report to that I've been rather successful!! :)
I love getting the dishes done before we go to bed. There is nothing better then going to bed happy and relieved that the dishes are done.
And there is nothing better then waking up and starting the day with a clean kitchen either.

So Tip for the day...

Try and get the dishes done every night before you go to bed.
That produces a happy and less stressed next day!!!

What other things are you goings doing this year to relieve stress?

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