Mar 13, 2012

{tuesday tip #25} Measurements

Happy Tuesday, and welcome to Tuesday's Tips!
If you haven't been here before, this is where I share tips that I find on the internet or some of my own. Todays tips comes from something that I found on Pinterest. Are you surprised? 'Cause I'm not. ;)

How many of you are really good at making a dinner from scratch with out a recipe?
I'M NOT!!!!
I have to have a recipe and I HAVE to measure everything exactly. It makes me laugh when Marvin and I are cooking together because he'll guess and throw things in and I'll look at him and shake my head because I can't do that. I don't know if it's just not having the confidence to do it or I'm still just learning. But he's good at it.
Just like my dad!! :)

Well... While cruising around Pinterest I found this...

At first I felt stupid when reading the post where the Pins came from because yes, I'm the kind of person that will measure out 1 1/2 tsp of something or 4 tbsp of something instead of using the equivalent. It's enough for me that I really stepped out of my comfort zone, cooking a new recipe every week, but now I have no excuse. 
I'll have to add these charts to my wish list for my kitchen. :)

Then after clicking on the Pin and going to the website Chasing Delicious, I found that the creator of this Pin also had a Pinterest Account. Then after looking around his Pinterest Boards, I found this chart too...

This guy's website is amazing....

If you click on the Pin's you can go to his website and from there, he has links to where you can purchase the measure charts in either an 8x10 or 11x14. 
This is just fantabulous!!

On the wish list these charts go! 

Now, if all you need is something simple to remember just a few measurement equivalents, then this next Pin I found might be the best for you. 

Do you what it says at the top of the Pin? A Free Printable. Free is always good!!!

Two different types of measurement charts. 
A large more detailed list to purchase and a simple free printable.
I hope this really helps you out in the kitchen and that it makes things easier and more enjoyable for you in the kitchen. 

See you next week for another Tuesday Tip!!

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