Mar 20, 2012

{tuesday tip #26} Eggs

Welcome Back to Tuesday Tips!!


I know that we eat LOTS of eggs. We have breakfast at least once during the week but sometimes more and then on Sunday too sometimes. 
There are lots of different ways to make eggs...

Over Easy
Soft Boiled
Hard Boiled
Any others that I'm missing?

Well todays tip has to deal with how to shell a boiled egg. 
Are you surprised that I found the tip again from Pinterest?

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

I read the post and all the comments and found that there really is no ONE way that is the best for shelling boiled eggs. Each egg unique and different.
If you buy them from the store you don't really know how old they are.
Each family has their own way of shelling eggs.
This particular post talks about using baking soda to change the PH balance so that the albumen doesn't stick to the shell. In the comments of this post, people talking about different ways they boil their eggs and each way seemed to work the best for that person. The most commented way to have the shell come off easily was putting your eggs in cold water after boiling them to allow the egg to shrink away from the shell. I have been doing that all my life and it works well on some eggs and not so good on others. Now that I think back on it, I think that the colder the egg the easier the shell is to remove. If you don't give the egg enough time to cool then the shell sticks more. Patience is the key in this case. My Tip would be to use the method that works the best for you!!!

What ways do you remove the shell from the egg?

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