Mar 18, 2012

{Spiritual Feasting #29} Looking Through Windows

Happy Sunday Everyone!!

I found this Mormon Message a few weeks ago and it makes me smile and breaks my heart. 
How many of us are guilty of judging someone when we don't know the full situation?
I know that I am. I try not to, and I'm sure that you try not too. But sometimes we just do and we really need work on changing that aspect. Judging it not for us, but for the Lord at the end...

We may not know the full situation that someone is in. We very well could be looking through a dirty window and not even realize it. 
I've been the person who is being judged and to hear what that person was saying about me was hurtful because that person had no idea what I was going through. 
I've been the judged many times and it's painful.
What we need to do, is when we feel like we're starting to judge, we need to take off our shoes and put on the other persons shoes and walk a mile...
Even then, we may not completely understand what that person is going through, but it helps us to "clean our dirty window" and start to understand.

May we all clean our windows and judge not, but instead love everyone and invite them in!

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