Mar 6, 2012

Tuesday Tip #24

Welcome back to Tuesday Tips!!!!

So how many of you have a hard time make the perfect fried egg, over easy...?
Some times I'll get all the eggs perfect and then other times I don't get any perfect or half and half, but all together sometimes making fried eggs isn't easy.
Marvin found these tips online when he on Yahoo news and we thought that we'd share them with you.

Use a cast iron skillet, if you have one, heat it first before adding a mixture a olive oil and butter
(If using a nonstick, heat the pan with the fat in it.)
The pan should get hot enough so that the butter foams up and then subsides but not so hot that it burns
Then crack the egg on a flat surface and not the edge of a counter or the pan, you'll have a cleaner break
Then gently slide the egg from the shell into the pan
Turn the heat down to medium and cover your pan.
Cook the egg until white part turns milking, about 1-1 1/2 minutes
This makes the yolk sturdy enough to handle the flip
Using your thinnest spatula, gently but firmly slide it under the egg and turn
Turn off the heat and let the egg cook uncovered for 10-20 seconds
For a runny center the yolk should be jiggly
For firm yolk, cook a little longer, until un-jiggly

I that helps with your fried egg cooking in the future. It has definitely helped mine. I still break but practice makes perfect right?

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