Mar 27, 2012

{tuesday tip #27} Baking with Eggs

Two Weeks Ago on Tuesday Tip #25 I spot lighted a blog that had great measurement charts. 
Last week on Tuesday Tip #26 I talked about shelling boiled eggs.
This week is kind of a combination of both measurements and eggs!!!

Pinterest is the most amazing tool that I have found! I can't brag enough about it but I'll save that for another day... But onto todays tip!

I found another chart all about eggs. It gives you a diagram of the egg and measurement equivalents and other awesome tips dealing with eggs!!

This chart is the coolest thing! Don't you think?
Just like the charts that I found on my Tuesday Tip #25 this gives an amazing break down of tips on making Meringue and things that you can use as substitutes in your baking.
Can we saw A-M-A-Z-I-N-G?!!

Now I kind of what to make a Meringue. I've never done it before and now that I have this chart, it makes it seem a little less daunting...

Maybe I'll have to that do sometime...

I hope this chart is just as helpful as the others that I've found.

Enjoy and we'll 'see' you next week!!! :)

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