Apr 3, 2012

{tuesday tip #28} Softening Butter

Butter! Amazing butter!
I got my sister an apron for Christmas that had a quote from Paula Dean on it in regards to butter.
I think it said...
"Life is better with Butter"
Now, since I had my gallbladder out, me and butter don't get along very well. But... I found this great tip about butter that I wish I had know about years ago.

How many of you have wanted to make cookies that required some amount of softened butter and you didn't have the time or want to wait for it to become softened?
I've tried softening it over the heating vent and it gets too greasy too fast. 
I've tried softening in the microwave but inevitably it turns to liquid butter in the middle while the ends are still hard.
I haven't tried, but thought about, putting a stick of butter into a bag and letting it soften in a sink of hot water but I imagine it would end of doing the same thing... 
Turning to liquid butter too fast.
So... Are you ready....

Grate the amount of butter that you need and it will soften faster as little shredded pieces then as a whole stick!

Who would have thought right???

Now, you don't have to schedule making cookies and you don't have wait too long. Now you can makes cookies when the moment strikes with out being disappoint and having to wait on butter. 
Make life better with an easy way of softening butter!!!

'See' you next week!!!!

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