May 22, 2012

I'm Back... :)

Does anyone still read my blog? 
Do I still have followers?

I know I kind of dropped off the face of planet but it's all for a good reason I promise. I have checked a few stats off and on and some days were really good for some reason and others..., well, I totally understand and I probably would have stopped reading someone's blog that went MIA too.

Here is the story.

Where do I start...?
There really is no other way to start then by word vomit...
We're pregnant!!!!!!
Our oven broke...
I got not-just-morning sickness...
I had a class to study for through work...
Our oven was still broken and we were out $100 on a part that didn't work... (non-refundable)...
Still had no-just-morning sickness...
I got the flu of all things...
Finally took the test for my class...
And we finally got the piece to fix the oven just the other day.


I found out I was pregnant on March 8. (Marvin new before.) And well, the last {Wednesday Weekly Meal} was when I was 7 weeks. The not-just-morning sickness hit around week 4. 
(Is that early or is it just me?) 
I tested because I was sooo sick and almost all of a sudden. 
So, I was prepared, like always, and had meals scheduled out a few weeks in advance. It really helped with my stress level and everything and feeling like I never had to rush to get a post done. (I would recommend that for anyone!!!!). 
So you were lucky and had another 3 weeks of meals prepared for you before something was off. 
Plus another 3 weeks of {Tuesday Tips} before you knew something was really wrong.

My not-just-morning sickness felt like the worst ever to me but mine wasn't too bad at all. 
I did have to go on some meds (Zofran) which was THE BEST THING EVER.
I couldn't stand food, and sometimes, I still feel that way.
Marvin was doing the grocery shopping, cooking dinner, and organizing the menu.
Not just the smell of food, but the thought of food made me ill.
I felt so awful because for a year, I was creating the menu and helping him shop, and we would cook together or I would just cook and well, it was all up to him and it made me feel awful. 
Over the last few weeks, little by little, I have made my way back into the kitchen.
With not having an oven, we realized that a lot, or should I say, most of our 
{Wednesday Weekly Meals} were baked meals, which isn't bad. 
But we had to get creative as I was making my way back into the kitchen
 and I have a great recipe to share. 

I'm anxious about starting the blog up again. 
I was soo good at having my posts schedule every week and never missing and well,...
Baby steps right?
I'm not going to promise that everything is going to go back into full swing even though I would like it to. I'm sure those of you who have been pregnant before understand what I mean. 
I still have my sick days, my exhausted days and my 'I really don't want to do a darn thing at all' days.
But, I do have some meals from before I got too sick to post and a few since as I've gotten better. 
Over the next few weeks we'll get our gears going. 
I have lots and lots of tips to share so that will probably be where I focus as we start to cook more.

But I'm back and I hope that you are too and ready for some new tips and meals!

P.S. Anyone want to guest post?? Go to the 'contact me' tab up top and send me an email!


  1. You still have readers! :) I always check your blog when I'm needing a good recipe!

    1. Thanks Kelsey, you made my day!!! I was afraid when I got on, that no one would have read my blog today. I'm glad you found my blog when you did!! :)

  2. do you have a crock pot? I always LOVE new slow cooker recipes and with a broken oven...what better time than now to explore the wonderful world of slow cooking! i could start out by sharing my favorite crock pot chickin fajita recipe!

    3-4 med to large Bell Peppers (assorted colors always makes a pretty dish)
    1/2 Onion
    Fajita spice mix or other preferred seasoning
    4-6 frozen chicken breasts
    *optional: corn,lime and cilantro (if not using a premaid fajita seasoning)

    the package on the seasoning mix may call for a cup of water...DO NOT ADD THIS! Because you are using the slow cooker, plenty of water is in your bell peppers and chicken and will stay in the crock pot so if you add water you may end up with soup!

    Cook on low over night or on high for 4-5 hours. Once chicken is tender and cooked through, remove from fajita mixture. Shred the chicken. I like to use my shredding attachment on my kitchen aid (a tip i picked up on this blog actually...thank you very much!) If the fajita mixture is too watery, drain with a collander before mixing chicken back in.

    serve on warm torillas with shredded cheese, sour cream (or plain yogurt, salsa or my favorite...Green Tabasco!

  3. CONGRATS!!! That is super awesome that you and Marvin are expecting! I am with Haeli in regards to slow cooking. With Kirk and I working as much as we do having some healthy (not salt saturated) slowcooker recipies would be great!