Jul 16, 2012

Random Post, I know...

...But some time I'll get better. 
My right ankle has really started to swell.
And I mean swell to the point that it looks like I broke it minus the bruising.
So after work, I usually spend about 30-45 minutes on the couch with my ankle above my heart 
hoping and praying that the swelling goes down enough that I can comfortably make dinner. 
The other day, I realized that I should start using that time productively instead of channel surfing. 
I have, but it's been for working on my baby registry and reading up on my pregnancy 
books and looking into our finances. 
I'm really hoping that now I'll have a little bit more time to spend back here. 
I still have all the stuff that I need to post from right before I got sick and a few things here and there. 
We really haven't done anything super new lately because of trying to cut back on our grocery budget and it's too hot to really cook anything in our house. 
And my other free time is used packing up our house. 
We're moving shortly into a duplex that we built (literally as Marvin works for a construction company) and we're excited for the change and for something a little bigger for our sweet little one!
I'm hope that I haven't left too many of you hanging....

If any of have an pregnancy advice to share, I would love to hear about it!

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