Sep 19, 2012

Dear Blogger Friends

We have moved!!!! Finally!!! But we’ve reverted back to the ‘dark ages’ for the last almost 4 weeks and at the moment there is no light at the end of the tunnel. We have no TV (not necessarily a bad thing, except all my favorite shows are starting in the next few weeks) and we have no internet. We have no idea at this point when we’ll be getting the internet either. We have been doing everything via our phones. Thank goodness for smart phones right?

Don’t worry; I have been doing some new recipes here and there. With being pregnant and moving and learning to budget, those new meals aren’t happening as often as I used to have them.  I do have some that are already to be posted, but I’m kind of stock piling them so that when we do get the internet back up and running and my life is back in order (if it ever will be back in order) I will be several weeks ahead and won’t feel overwhelmed about catching up.

I’m due in just under 2 months so things are still crazy around here. With moving and trying to figure everything out financially after Minion is born (the nick name we gave the baby a long time ago) I’ve learned a lot of new stuff that I want to share. I’m sure that you have all seen the things that I’ve learned floating around Pinterest or ‘Pinned’ on my boards but I want to be able to share how they have been helping us. I’ve been so excited that I have found so many amazing resources on Pinterest and from fellow bloggers as well. I’m so grateful I got involved in everything when I did.

The other fun part is that my husband is starting to get the hang of Pinterest I think. The other day we were going to make Taco Pizza for dinner and I realized that we had no Taco Seasoning. I remembered that I had pinned something on Pinterest a while ago on how to make Taco Seasoning so I went looking for it and we tried it. Marvin was impressed. It ended up not turning out the way we wanted it to, but I found another site that actually has measurements on it so I’m excited to make that one and see how it turns out. Then the other night when we figuring out our weekly dinner menu, I remember I found this chicken spaghetti casserole on Pinterest and I wanted to try and when I told him I found the casserole, he asked if it was on Pinterest and promptly wrote it on our Menu Calendar and moved on. I even caught him looking at the app on my phone the other day. It makes me giggle but I’m learning so much and finding so much that is helping us out that he doesn’t tease me so much about it and is impressed with the things I find. Like…

(Sorry that the images are all off center. I couldn't figure out to realign them. It's been a while since I've worked with HTML)

I’m hoping that we’ll be up and running soon but I wanted you to know that I haven’t exactly dropped off the face of the planet, just a little until the sun shines and the ‘dark ages’ are behind us once again!

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