Oct 20, 2012

Good News!!!!


We finally got internet last night! 
I got my Netflix back up and running and I'm getting caught up on my Bones episodes and working on my meal posts.

I'm 36 1/2 weeks pregnant and we're expecting the baby anytime in the next few weeks.

I dropped a lot in a week

I have to say that its a bittersweet ending. 
I love feeling the movements but at the same time they hurt since he has been getting so much bigger.
I love my cute basketball belly but I'm so ready to be in my non-pregnant cute fall clothes.

Hopefully in the next few weeks I'll have all my posts scheduled for live viewing.
I have a few saved as drafts already but I'm kind of saving them, stock piling you know. 
So I don't feel so overwhelmed later.

Can I ask a question to all you mothers out there?
Were you overwhelmed after your baby was born?
I haven't done pre-cooking for freezing any dinners or anything.
I feel that will be release for me. An outlet....
Is that weird???

Well, off I go to work on my posts.
Enjoy your weekend!!!!!

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