Oct 22, 2012

Happy Monday!!!

I finally got all of my meals written and scheduled.
And you'll never guess how far in advance I'm all scheduled out for....!!!
I am all scheduled out into January!!!!

See, I told you that we have been making new meals this whole time but I just haven't had time, the desire or the internet to post all of the fun things that I've learned. 
I didn't realize how many meals I had put together and had done in the last several months until I sat down and started drafting everything. 

While I'm out on maternity leave, I've got a lot of crafting things I want to work on.
I'm excited to post those so maybe I'll be able to relax on the new meals for a few weeks and work on crafty things and make a new addition to my blog. 
But I'm also trying to remind myself, not to stress myself out postpartum.

I hope that you enjoy the recipes that are coming and the few tips that I have scheduled so far.

**If any of you have advice for a new mommy to be, I'd love to hear it.
Leave me a comment or shoot me an email at**

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