Oct 23, 2012

{Tuesday Tip #32} Decorated Pie

This is not exactly a tip or a new recipe or anything like that but I wanted to share something new that I tried.
This is an apple pie that I made for a friend of ours and everything turned out perfect. 
Marvin was jealous that it wasn't a pie for him. 
I need to make him one. 
I was going to try and make Raspberry Turnovers and an Apple Pie for him last Saturday but I was busy getting posts together and didn't have a chance.
Maybe I can try on Sunday...

So what I did.... I made this Apple Pie and then I wanted to try something new that I found on Pinterest.
It was little pies in jars and then someone made a leave out of the pie crust and put it one top as decoration.
I can't seem to find it anywhere though!
I know I pinned it but I can't seem to find it.


This is the before baked and after baked pictures.

Sorry for the image quality, it was taken with my iphone

I was so impressed with how well it turned out. 
This is how I'm going to do my pie for Thanksgiving this year. 
All my life my mom has drawn in her pies.
Names, initials, pictures
But now...
Now I have a creative string to add and place on top. 
Thanksgiving's pie will be better then this one.
But I had to share my success!!!

Now if only I can find the pin for the jar pies......

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