Nov 6, 2012

{Tuesday Tip #34} Homemade Frozen Meatballs

I'm pretty sure I found the idea on Pinterest for throwing meatballs in the Crockpot but I can't seem to find the Pin at the moment.

We were having the missionaries over for dinner one night and it was summer and hot and we were in the trailer and my feet/legs were swelling like crazy...
I was looking for something that was easy to make and thought of Meatball Subs but didn't want to spend all my time in the hot kitchen after work making dinner. 
So I looked around online for a way to make them in the crockpot and all the recipes that I was finding called for frozen meatballs. 
We had already been to the store and I didn't want to buy frozen meatballs, so a few nights before when I had more time available, I made Home-Made Meatballs
After making the meatballs, I placed them individually on a cookie sheet and put them in the freezer.

Once they were frozen, I placed them in a gallon sized bag for later use.
All Marvin had to do the morning the missionaries were coming to dinner was empty the contents of the bag into the crockpot with meat sauce and we were in the home-stretch.

It was so easy and I'm so glad that I figured that out. 
So if you have freezer meatballs on hand this would be REALLY easy and perfect for you... but even making the meatballs the day or a few days before still made it easy.

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