Nov 21, 2012

{wednesday weekly meal} Baby Shower Cupcakes

For one of my baby showers we did something really cute instead of a cake. 
My mom was throwing a shower for me and the person who was going to help her wasn't able to last minute so I jumped in.

My mom bought me this cupcake dessert book for Christmas last year and I'm so glad that she did.

I have looked through it several times and have found several cool cupcakes that I wanted to try but it wasn't until right before my shower that I found this....

Isn't that cute???
I was so excited and showed my mom and she thought it was super cute too. 
 Here is a picture of how my Baby Shower Cupcakes turned out.

I didn't want mine to just be flat on the table and 2D so I got a styrofoam board, covered it with tissue paper and cut the rain drops out of tissue paper as well.
Here are the rest of the images from my shower....

Rice Krispie Treats (Teddy Bears & Trains)

We also had Fruit Salad and the Crockpot has Bean Dip

I couldn't find a place online that had the recipe/directions for the cupcakes but there is the link to google where I found several places to get the Dessert Book.

If you like baking then it would totally be worth the price of just drooling over the book itself. 
Sometime, when I have more time, I want to try some of the other recipes, but until then....


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