Nov 14, 2012

{wednesday weekly meal} Lemon Raspberry Cake

This post is a long time coming. 
I made this cake last year for my dad's birthday.
Yes, I have been a real slacker when it comes with this post. 
I was always saving it for backup when I didn't have time to make a real meal and needed something to post. 
Then when I needed something to post, well, I was pregnant and not wanting to do anything. 
I'm FINALLY getting this posted and in a few weeks I might be making another one.

First you'll need a... 
Lemon Box Cake Mix
Butter Cream Frosting

Butter Cream Frosting
1/2 cups Butter
4 1/2 cups Powdered Sugar
1/4 cup Milk
1/2 tsp Vanilla
Lemon to taste
Add more milk later for consistency

Make the Cake according to the box

Let it cool if you can for a day or two before frosting
(You can always freeze the cake as well but I've never had success with that method)

Make the frosting and add lemon to taste

When I made my 'dummy cake' to see how everything was going to pan out I made this cool marbled affected with the raspberry jam. 
I learned the hard way that you can't write with jam, so out of my mistake I created a master piece and marbled the jam with a tooth pick.

It was a happy accident and I felt so proud of myself that I was able to make my mistake into something beautiful and unique.

For my dad's actual birthday I made him a guitar cake. 
I used the same box cake mix and frosting ideas but I didn't use the raspberry jam this time. 
I used gold cake spray paint for the sides of the cake and black pipe icing for the rest of the detail.
(Sorry the image quality is bad, these were taken with my iphone)

My dad was so impressed and happy and surprised with this cake. 
I wish and hope that I can do something for him this year but we'll have to see when this baby gets here. If he comes sooner than later I might be able to make something else fun for him but we'll see.

Yay for fun baking experiences!!!!

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