Apr 2, 2013

Oh How I Miss You Guys!!!

Dear Fellow Bloggers,
I’m sorry that I’ve been MIA over the last few months.
A lot has happened.
I went back to work on January 28th L.
(That wasn’t exactly the best day or week for me.)
Life has been crazy ever since.
I don’t get home until close to 5pm and then it’s time to feed Royce and then make dinner.
We don’t have a lot of spare time anymore or the money to do a lot of things right now.
In fact, there was one week I think we had cereal or eggs 3 days in a row!!
When we can and we do have time, we do make new recipes. It just hasn’t been as often as we would like. I do have several recipes that we need and want to share with you.
The other day Marvin was so sweet. I was venting about how frustrated I was that I don’t have time to blog anymore and he said ‘teach me how to blog and I’ll do it for you so you can spend time with Royce.’
That was so sweet of him to offer! But, we haven’t had time for me to teach him.
Maybe this Saturday during General Conference?
I also wanted to explain that another reason why we haven’t been posting is because I became an Independent Consultant with The Pampered Chef and part of their policy is that we can’t use personal blogs for self promotion. So over the last 2 months we have making their recipes and using their products so that I have everything put together for cooking shows and I can’t post about any of that without running the risk of losing my contract as a consultant. I recently contacted them and they said they are working on revising policy so we may be able to start posting more often soon. There are a few recipes in the mean time that I’m going to try and post.
(I'm also on FaceBook now. I not sure how to add that icon to my blog at the moment but I'll get there. Come find me so you can keep up with what's going on while I get back into the swing of blogging again!)
 It’s just still an adjustment finding the time with a full time job and being a new momma and I’m sure there are those of you out there who know what I’m talking about! J
I also wanted to share my Easter experience with you. I know that I haven’t done very well with my Spiritual Feasting posts and I want to work on getting better at that.
I know that it’s Tuesday and usually it’s ‘tip day’ (which I need to get better at that too) but we’re going to change the schedule up a bit and have Spiritual Feasting today.

 Sunday was GORGEOUS!!!!!!!
Blue skies and about 62*
I sang in church.
The Bishop pulled me aside about 2 weeks ago after singing with a group of sisters in Relief Society and asked me if I would sing on Easter Sunday. I was super excited! I LOVE singing.
(We have been in this ward since August and I have done pretty well of staying under the radar with my ‘hidden’ talent, but now the cat’s out of the bag.)
So I went home and started looking up songs.
The one that I chose is called “I Have Not Seen, Yet I Believe” by Sally Deford.
My mom and I practiced for two weeks. It’s a beautiful song and over the last two weeks it has really become a part of my testimony about the Saviors Atonement. It gave me goose bumps every time we practiced.
On Sunday morning as we were practicing before church, I had this feeling that I wasn’t going to make it through the song. All my life, whenever I hear stories or watch movies about the Crucifixion I cry. I’ve always felt like I had a close personal relationship with our Savior.
Well, I should have heeded the prompting that I had…
I should have tried to separate myself from the song a little better.
I lost it in the middle of the third verse.
I couldn’t make it through the rest of the song.
I spoke the remainder of the song as could not stop crying enough to sing.
Here are the lyrics…

They heard his voice; they saw his face
The promised Savior come to earth in days long past
They saw him heal the sick and cause the lame to stand
They watched as wind and waves were stilled at his command
And though I did not see him calm the raging seas
His hand has calmed my troubled heart
And I believe

They heard his voice; they saw his face
They heard his teachings of forgiveness, love and faith
He blessed their little ones; he taught them how to pray;
He fed the multitudes who hungered by the way
And though I did not taste the bread he bade them eat
His word is manna to my soul
And I believe

They saw him scourged and mocked to scorn
They heard the angry crowd, they saw him crowned with thorns
They watched him bend beneath our burden in the streets
They saw the bitter nails that pierced his hands and feet
And though I was not there to watch with them at Calvary
My spirit weeps
I have not seen
Yet I believe

They heard his voice; they saw his face
The risen Jesus, crowned with vict'ry o'er the grave
And though I did not see his triumph over death
Though I did not see him draw immortal breath
I know he lived and died and lives again for me
My faith is sure
I have not seen
Yet I believe

 I was so mortified that I had messed up and couldn’t hold it together.
As I sat down and finished crying, Marvin said there really wasn’t a dry eye left in the room.
Everyone pretty much echoed what he said after the meeting and that even though I didn’t sing the song as perfectly as I had intended, the Spirit was present and strong and they enjoyed how my testimony shown through.
I have never before had the experience of truly feeling the Spirit through song and it was an amazing experience.
I can say now, that I do have a testimony of the Atonement and of the price the Savior paid for our sins and that I’m ever so grateful for his Sacrifice for us.
The rest of our Easter was spent with my family as we made them dinner and it was really, the perfect day and weekend!
I hope that you all had a marvelous Easter weekend!!!
And I have to mention that this weekend is General Conference.
For those who don’t know what that is, it’s when the leaders of our Church speak to all the members throughout the world via broadcast and offer advice and encouragement to continue on in our daily lives and endure to the end. It’s a wonderful weekend full of amazing Spiritual Feasting and I may, if I can, have to do a double post on Saturday and Sunday to share what I’ve felt, heard and learned! I hope that you have all have a great week!!!


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