Jul 16, 2013

No more room...

I really don't like it when there are gaps in my postings :(
I've got a lot going on right now and it seems like my plate is so full that there is no room for dessert.
And that is a travisty!!!
Especially when there is chocolate involved :)
In this case, the dessert, would be me time or any time for that matter.
My husband was almost out of work for the summer.
Last minute a guy stepped in and begged them to build his house.
I say begged because the commute is an hour and a half ONE way!!!
They took the job.
We talked about it and knew there would be a lot of sacrifices.
Less family time.
Less us time.
Less me time.
More stress....
It was either all of that or run out of money.
Can I just say that I hate how the world revolves around money and we can't ever make enough?
I encouraged Marvin.
I supported Marvin.
This is what our family needed to stay afloat.
I was ready to be strong and be the independent Super-Mom/Wife.
I was ready to take on the WORLD!!!!!
I stayed home from church two weeks ago because I had really bad allergies and Royce
had woke up at 3:30 am sceaming.
Come to find out he broke his first tooth!!
Marvin stayed home with me until the last hour of church when he had to
go and teach the young men. 
He comes home and sits on the exercise ball next to the couch and looks at me and says,
"You're gonna have to get use to being without me even more."
"I got called as the Young Men's President."
(Okay... I do have to back track and say that I knew this was coming at some point. I have always known since Marvin's brother lived with us that we would be working with young men.
It's just bad timing.
But I guess the Lords timing is not our timing right?)
My typical day starts at 4:45am.
Running between Grandma's, work, Grandma's and home again.
Then I'm struggling to feed Royce, entertain him and make dinner all before Marvin comes home
so we can eat before 7.
Then it's bath-time and bed time is always a struggle lately.
I was so exhausted last night that I thought Royce slept through the night.
Thank goodness Heavenly Father let me sleep and woke Marvin up :)
The point of this was not to complain, though it does feel kind of nice to get it all off my chest.
The point was to tell you that I'm trying.
I'm trying to be encouraging of Marvin.
I'm trying to be supportive of Marvin.
I'm trying to find a less stressful part time job.
I'm trying to keep my house decent.
I'm trying to be the best mom for Royce.
I'm simply trying...
And right now, I'm sad to say, this blog is not a priority on my 'I'm trying list...'
I will come back.
I have some ideas.
They will still be sporatic but I will be back.
I love and I appreciate all your encouragement and support.
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