Nov 23, 2015

{Family Home Evening} Nephi Part 2 - Building A Boat

Now that I had my first FHE under my belt I felt like I could get this one a bit more on the toddler play level. Well, I'm still learning. But here is what we did!

I downloaded this 'origami' Nephi Boat, a ship (or two) from google images to color and cut into a puzzle and I used this same Scripture Hero Chart from last week.

For our Opening Song we sang the second verse of Nephi's Courage.

We went over again the Scripture Hero Chart and what it means to have courage.

Then we summarized the story of Nephi building the boat found in 1 Nephi 17.

As The Hubs told the story of Nephi building the boat, Little Man and I colored our ship and then we put together our ship puzzle and then I folded together the origami boat.

I'm still looking for things as I'm preparing these lessons to make them more toddler friendly and hands on. It's a learning process for me but I'm enjoying it!!

***As I'm typing this out, Little Man saw me upload the image and said "Is that Laban?"
Me: No that is Nephi.
Little Man: That is Nephi building a boat (as he uses his arm to make a wave motion)
It made me smile! I love the he is recognizing and learning :)***

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