Dec 14, 2015

{Family Home Evening} Cooking Lessons with Friends

We had some friends over for dinner a few weeks ago after church and we had a such a great time that they said "our house next week". So we went over to their house the following Sunday for dinner!!

While they have been to our house for dinner we have tried two new recipes on them. One will be posted soon and the other was our CrockPot Sloppy Joe dinner. So during our post dinner chatting we got talking about food and well, we decided to have an FHE together and turn it into a double cooking lesson!

We made Breakfast Berry Crepes & Apple Pie!!

I was living so much in the moment and enjoying the conversation and the cooking/baking that I only took one picture! Here is our before picture with everything laid out and ready to go. But seriously, it was a great Family Night! I would totally love to do more like this one!!

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