Feb 2, 2016


... The blog that is!!!

Hey everyone!!! I'm going to be slowing making the transition over to Wordpress instead of Blogger. Wordpress will give me more room to grow which is my goal over the next year!!! 

All my posts from now forward will be on Wordpress ( for now) and over the next little while I will be transitioning older posts -- the food ones -- over there as well! 

Don't throw out this link yet (! I'll let you know when everything is moved over. 

In the mean time... please continue trying our recipes and sharing my posts!! <3

Feb 1, 2016

February 2016 Visiting Teaching Message & Printable

What did you think of January's Printable? Was it helpful for you when it came to sharing the message with your sisters? I hope so. I love making them and spending the time contemplating on what to pull out of the message to share. 

I apologize for the simplicity of the design but sometimes simple is better. 

I just want to share one more part that I loved from the message this month. Elder D. Todd Christofferson said,

A family built on the marriage of a man and woman supplies the best setting for God’s plan to thrive. … 
Some of you are denied the blessing of marriage for reasons including a lack of viable prospects, same-sex attraction, physical or mental impairments, or simply a fear of failure. … Or you may have married, but that marriage ended. … Some of you who are married cannot bear children. ... 
Even so, … everyone can contribute to the unfolding of the divine plan in each generation.
I hope that you ladies feel inspired this month. I would love your input so that I can better improve these for you!